Dan Miller is pleased to present a new series of paintings produced during the CPH AIR programme. Miller reworks the territory of ratio and repetition, where painting’s sign-like vocabulary is disabled; superseded by a cipher. Symmetrical compositions of dots, lines and polygons float on an x/y axis, the grid providing a skeletal underpinning for pictorial and chromatic arrangement. Painterly depth, created by barely visible layers of ‘interference’ acrylic, characterise Miller’s two-tone works. Through these acts of delineation Miller’s work renders apparent a function of reading that exists between the production and reception of an artwork, a process defined by encryption and deciphering.

Dan Miller lives and works in Glasgow, graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 2002. Recent solo shows include Still Life in association with SWG3, The Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. Group shows have included Modal with Lilah Fowler at Cartel, London, curated by Oliver Basciano, Galerie Mark Müller Zurich, curated by Yasmin Afschar, Leger Trager with Kevin Pollock, Grace & Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow, Way Out is the Way Out, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, curated by Jamie Kenyon and Over The Bridge, Cirkulations Centralen Malmö, curated by DUNK!

CPH AIR – Copenhagen Artist in Residence

To strengthen cultural exchange and network between Copenhagen and international artists, The City of Copenhagen has established an artist in residence in collaboration with The Factory for Art & Design. The programme makes it possible for cultural figures in Copenhagen to invite international artists and writers to stay and work in Denmark for varying periods of time.

Cultural institutions, exhibitions spaces, galleries and the press can invite international artists to collaborate with members of the Copenhagen scene. Individual residencies are granted by the steering committee of The City of Copenhagen. The programme operates in collaboration with the Factory of Art & Design, which facilitates the daily programme.

Host Artists: DUNK! – Rasmus Danø & Thorgej Steen Hansen www.dunkdunk.dk

Kindly supported by:

The Factory for Art & Design: www.ffkd.dk
The City of Copenhagen: www.cphair.dk
Creative Scotland: www.creativescotland.com

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