Danske Grafikere are pleased to present Vector, an exhibition of new work by Glasgow based artist Dan Miller.

Miller’s practice moves fluidly across a wide range of media, allowing him to create works that calculatedly design and tailor aspects of theoretical as well as empirical knowledge. Reworking the territory of ratio and repetition, appropriated images of Roman Tetrarchs and handyman adverts collide with graphic renderings of Tegenaria duellica, the common house spider.

The works in Vector are designed to evoke Theo Van Doesburg’s idea of the spatio-temporal. Symmetrical compositions of tessellating forms float on an x/y axis, providing a skeletal substrate for pictorial and chromatic management. Painterly depth, created by subtle layers of ‘interference’ acrylic, characterise Miller’s two-tone paintings.

For his exhibition at the Danske Grafikeres Hus, Miller will present a new series of paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture. Referencing the work of Danish graphic artist Palle Nielsen (1920-2000) and the geometric abstraction of German painter Günther Fruhtrunk (1923-1982), Miller seeks to examine the motivations and aesthetic signatures present in the two artists’ work. This research is intended to facilitate a critical assessment of the relationship between representation and abstraction in Miller’s own practice.

In his text Abstract Liam Gillick offers an appraisal of these definitions, stating that ‘Abstraction is not the contrary of representation…rather abstraction in art is the contrary of the abstract in the same way that representation is the contrary of the real’ . He expands upon this point, stating that the abstract produces the ‘illusion’ of a safe haven from the vagaries of the everyday.

Within the split-level context of the Danske Grafikeres Hus, Miller will explore this concept and how it affects the pursuit of creative practice.

Dan Miller, born 1980, Brighton, England, studied Fine Art Painting at The Glasgow School of Art 1999-2002. He lives & works in Glasgow, Scotland. Recent selected solo exhibitions and residencies include: CPH AIR, Factory for Art & Design, Copenhagen, 2010; Still Life, Offsite, Studio Warehouse Glasgow, The Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2010; Totes Meer, DUNK!, Copenhagen, 2008.

Miller has participated in numerous group exhibitions including: Industrial Aesthetics: Environmental Influences on Recent Art from Scotland, Hunter College, New York, 2011; Point/ Line/ Surface/ Solid, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, 2011; No Noise, The Agency, London, 2011; Modal, Lilah Fowler & Dan Miller, Cartel, London, 2010; Artists from The Studio Warehouse, Galerie Mark Müller, Zurich, 2010; Leger Trager, Dan Miller & Kevin Pollock, Grace & Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow, 2009.

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